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mf1970 New Member
New Member

workcentre 3225 not recognizing new cartridges

Product Name: XEROX WORKCENTRE 3225
Operating System: Windows 10


while changing the old cartridge with a new original one my workcentre 3225 does not accept it and says it is a not valid one. I have tried with 3 different new ones...without success. Is there anything i can try? 

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gabiene Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: workcentre 3225 not recognizing new cartridges



Be sure to use cartridges for your region:

Standard Capacity Drum Cartridge               101R00474 

DMO Sold High Capacity Toner Cartridge     106R02778

DMO Sold Dual Pack 3K Toner Cartridge      106R02782

Standard Capacity Drum Cartridge (World Wide)   101R00474 

NA / XE Sold Standard Capacity Toner Cartridge    106R02775

NA / XE Sold High Capacity Toner Cartridge          106R02777



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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: workcentre 3225 not recognizing new cartridges

Xerox sells a blank device with a cartridge that has no coding to anything (Region or type)

Owner puts in the first cartridge and it locks the device to whatever it was (Metered vs sold, and possibly a region)

Metered = Xerox supplied and on contract (pay per click)

Sold = Bought at retail and no contract (pay for the toner itself)

Regions are where they are North America, DMO, Asia Pacific


Once you lock a device to a region and type, it stays there, until you pay a tech to undo it (differs by device, can be a code, or a chip based solution)

There is no big conspiracy, the only reason there are regions is because of countries/areas that have things like the VAT that make things cost more than they do in areas near them, it puts an end to cross border shopping as it were.(There was a time not too far back where it was cheaper for an Australian to fly to the USA, buy Adobe creative suite, then fly home, for cheaper than buying Creative suite in Australia)

Sold vs metered is just so that Xerox knows if you used a 3rd party toner (Good luck returning a printer for color inconsistency if that is the case) and so that you can't steal from the office and use the toner in your home printer, and I'm sure the marketing types have some fabulous reasons too.

It is not just Xerox, that doesn't make it better of course, but it isn't just Xerox


Either your machine was sold as refurbished, or it isn't the first new toner in it, or it really isn't the right toner

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mf1970 New Member
New Member

Re: workcentre 3225 not recognizing new cartridges

Hello everybody.

I have always bought NA / XE Sold High Capacity Toner Cartridge 106R02777, after having finished the cartridge supplied with the workcentre 3225 (bought new from amazon). The first one worked well, now I have three new ones which does not work. Maybe this is a problem of the machine? do I have something to try?

the cost of service is twice than a new machine...

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Technical Escalation User DavidX28897-xrx
Technical Escalation User

Re: workcentre 3225 not recognizing new cartridges

There is nothing you can do. If it's under a year old you'll get service for free to convert it.

If its more than a year old, 1 year onsite service costs $149 for this model off 

If you have it documented you bought genuine toner, they maybe able to convert for you without an SLA
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