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Re: workcentre 3335 3d machine

Until it didn't...

worked for a couple hours then started rebooting again.....
this was with a static ip outside the DHCP scope.
mind you, I am using a superscope -
I have a CISCO 500 series root switch with 3 ubiquity access points meshed.
Let me reiterate that this configuration worked for 18 months...

I went to my comms closet and unplugged my root switch.
This kills the access points...
Machine started up fine and stayed on.
Admin log on - changed network back to DHCP on my public facing DSL modem/router...
It stays on.

Ya'll need an engineer to look at this issue...  Is it your firmware? the software? the firewall? the switch? the access points?

Nothing in the logs indicate a problem as far as I can see...

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Re: workcentre 3335 3d machine


The kid took machine 1 home... and since the old wifi network was unavailabe... it stayed on.

Seriously... this software should not reboot because of a DHCP error... but it does.
So I would suggest if you're having this issue... you turn off your wifi at the router or access point(s)...
Restart the printer.  If it stays on. Put in a static IP and see if that fixes your issue.

This is 2021 not 1995
Fix the problem and put out a firmware fix

Machine 4 sat on my public facing WIFI for several days with zero issues... while I waited for the kid to put machine 1 into service at his house.  He got a free printer out of the deal...  I can't begin to say how much time and money was wasted here...  2 machines returned... electric outlet checked twice by electricians... my many hours of scratching my head... not once was this considered an issue on any of my calls, emails or posts.  Not once...

So machine 4 just got put on a static IP.  It's brother, machine 1, was running on DHCP with a reservation for 18 months before this issue started....  It too is on a static IP.  While machine 4 sat on my public facing WIFI for several days, it was strictly DHCP and had zero issues....

So for any interested I run a PFsense firewall on a dell server...  it serves my DHCP... perhaps that is the issue... but, there were no updates to that configuration for several months...

Back to scratching my head... but hey, it's working so far.

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Re: workcentre 3335 3d machine

Lol - XEROX sent a replacement

Machine 4

Same as before - but have been documenting since machine 3...
So here's a strange behavior...

My network...  DSL as a public front - internal is Cisco and a pfsense firewall... I have a lot of stuff :)
I use ubiquiti access points internally on a mesh setup in my 3 story home.  They are POE on a CISCO switch and managed via software on a windows server 16 box..

Machine 3 - I put it out on the public wifi first... and it was fine... after I put it inside on the private side is when it started the crazy reboot every 60 seconds.

Machine 4 - I put it on the private side first... straight to reboot...  over and over again.  On a whim, I shut down my internal network.... machine boots and stays on... no wifi as it is off.  So I use that opportunity to change it to the public wifi... and it's still fine.

So appearently it may have something to do with my private network...

Never have I ever in 40 years of doing this stuff... seen any behavior like this.

So - anyone have the technical details of the network connectivity for this thing?  

It will save me some troubleshooting time...


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Re: workcentre 3335 3d machine

Hello jkrall,

Sounds like you have tried everything already, so where the device is new, I think this would be a hardware escalation. Please call 1-800-821-2797 to have a Service Engineer to come out and service the device.

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workcentre 3335 3d machine

Product Name: WorkCentre 3335/3345
Operating System: Not Applicable

1st machine just started rebooting out of the blue.... out of warranty

I could not figure out a cause but tried everything suggested.... from the electrical socket being checked, power cord, power off then on... etc...  still could not figure out what was going on...  but at boot it would get to the supplies message before printing a configuration page... then it would reboot...

Reminder... machine was working fine for over 18 months.... did not change anything.

Since I could not resolve.... I ordered another...

2d machine on the day it arrived...
I did the setup, assigned an IP via lan... dhcp error and reboot... and kept rebooting... same as 1
I had already checked and switched lan cables... and the outlet... and the switch... etc...
Got support on the phone and after hours of going at this... it's your electircal outlet.  No it isn't...  but to humor tech support I had it checked again... outlet and circuit just fine.  Since I needed a printer... I filed a return to Dell.  At the same time I ordered a 3d printer...

3d machine...
I decided to video everything... disabled firmware upgrades and not use the LAN.  This was 26 Sep 2021.  Not a burp... setup went fine... assigned it to an outside (public) wifi.  no issues... assigned it to an inside wifi... still no issues... printed from several workstaions... adjusted power saving to 15 and 30 min. Still going strong.  Accessed service mode and printed from there etc... running great...  29 Sep 2021 (today) it's in power saving mode... no one is printing etc.. it powers up on it's own... then starts rebooting just like the other two did.

The electric is fine
Multiple power cables
Did this on hard connection and wifi

I like these printers... but something just isn't working...

HAS ANYONE HAD this happen and if so did you ever resolve this?

I need a printer
I am a 100% disabled veteran working on some paperwork for me with the military... they only accept printed material for this.

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