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workcentre 7225 Fuser issues

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Good Afternoon, 


I was wondering if anyone had an issue when the fuser doesn't register correctly with the Copier. It shows that it currently has 65% life remaining and the status is replace under the Fuser Module. We bought a brand new fuser and the life went to 0%. 


I checked the firmware to verify it wasn't a bug and updated it to the latest version The error went away for 10 minutes then came back. Is there a reset or a area where i can change the replace expectancy?






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Re: workcentre 7225 Fuser issues

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When replacing the fuser you should be able to reset the counter by doing as following:

  1. replace fuser
  2. log in as admin
  3. select machine status
  4. select tools
  5. select troubshooting
  6. select resets
  7. select supply counter reset
  8. select fuser
  9. select reset counter
  10. select confirm
  11. select log out

Best Regards


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Re: workcentre 7225 Fuser issues

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Thank you very much for your help!

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