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Re: xerox 4150

Hi damon-offtechne


Here is how you can reset the WC4150 and any jobs waiting to print. 







Skip Benson
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xerox 4150

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i have an issue with a 4150 i dont know how to fix .the machine constantly gives error just after booting.

“ power down then on again using button on left side of machine”  I disconnected the Machine from the network I rebooted it several times when the printer does come up it starts putting a print job even though its disconnected from the network. This job seems to be stuck in the machine…


I have tried..

Rebooting disconnected for network, several times..

Removing hdd and booting,,, this causes machine not to boot gets to 1st Xerox screen and reboot loop..

I can’t enter service mode to all clear, I think because job is stuck in que, and I cant find away to load diag from cold boot

when the machine boots up at start printing the print job after about 2 or 3 pages the message will come back that the machine needs to be rebooted  I also tried cancelling the job out from job status that did not work as well..

I have checked voltages on main pwb and have insured cn2 is connected via doc# 974636

Any help would be greatly appreciated..



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