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Community Manager

How to customize subscriptions

Subscriptions are a powerful feature of the forums, and you can easily turn on and off notifications that you can get regarding ongoing issues for an entire board / section or to a specific topic.

If you have a subscription, a mail note from ‘Community Mailer’ will be sent to the email address you used to register (sometimes these mistakenly go to a junk mail folder).


There are many options and you can easily customize When and Why you get notified.

How can I see if I am subscribed to a forum object?

We can subscribe and unsubscribe to an entire community, a specific board (area) or even a single topic but the selections and indications are similar (as shown below).


After selecting the scope of the subscription (1), you would select the Options arrow (2), and in the following list you will see either Subscribe or Unsubscribe. This is an on/off selection. If you are Not Subscribed then Subscribe will be shown as your choice or if you are Subscribed then Unsubscribe will be shown as the selection. You can change your selection at any time.



There are different settings to customize these notifications and they can help limit notification quantity while still staying informed of the conversations you are interested in reading about.


You can change which posts you are notified about and when you get those notifications as shown below.



Community Manager

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