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Community Manager
Community Manager

Steps for Posting on the Forum Boards

  1. Select the Board that is closest to the subject of your question.  Example: Printing, Hardware etc. 
  2. Select click or tap the “Post a Question” button.
  3. Select the Operating System that is being used on the computer that you are working with or having the problem from. If an operating system has no relation to the issue you are seeing you can choose “not applicable”. If the operating system you have is not in the list please select other and include the Operating System name and version in the post. 
  4. Select the Xerox product that you are using. You can simply being to type the name or model number in the field and a drop down list will display with the closest matches, choose your product from the list. 
  5. Enter a descriptive subject in the field provided.
  6. Select the “View quick tips to get the best answer” to see some helpful hints on getting your post noticed.
  7. Type in your question or situation in the body field of the post. Please provide detail so that others can fully understand what is happening. 
  8. Upload a picture or video (if needed) that will help you explain what is happening.

Note: Please be aware that all pictures and videos are moderated for content before they are released to be viewable in your post.  There will be a delay on the images and videos showing up in your post because of this moderation process.

  1. Add hyperlinks (if needed) to your post but any inappropriate link, meaning a link that has no relation to the issue you are having or links to pay sites will be removed.
  2. There is a spellcheck feature and the usual enhancements you are used to in most programs. Examples: Strikethrough, Font, Font Sizes, etc. Use those as desired.
  3. Select the Preview tab to see how your post with look once posted on the board.
  4. Check the “Email me when someone replies” box on the right so that you will be notified when someone replies to your post.
  5. Select Post to publish your post to the board.
Community Manager

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