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Can a Phaser 8560 be configured for Mopria use with add-on equipment?

We have a Xerox Color Phaser 8560N Postscript v3 printer (installed 2009) that is correctly recognized and working on our small wireless network with a Static IP Address in the range.


However, some of the Staff want to print color displays etc. from their Samsung Android Smartphones through Mopria Services to the Phaser 8560N...  Apparently the Phaser 8560N does not have Mopria Services built into the Firmware/Software, but some other Phaser models are Mopria-certified printers.


Is there a way to manually configure a Phaser 8560 to accept print requests through Mopria Services from an Android or Apple Smartphone ? 


I know there are some companies (ie Silex Technologies USA) that manufacture and sell wireless print servers that connect to TCP/IP printer devices... Does any company currently make a compatible wireless print server for Mopria Services that works with a Phaser 8560N?


Regards, Steve

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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Can a Phaser 8560 be configured for Mopria use with add-on equipment?

Xerox makes the WPSA-100


But that is a costly solution. You would be far better off to use Google Cloudprint, shared via a PC on the LAN with Chrome installed on it as a "Classic printer"


This is not an official Xerox workflow, but it is free and works on Android devices even if MOPRIA doesn't and works any any printer that can print from Windows


(attached pdf has pictures with the following, I simply don't have time to embed them in my post.)




Go to Menu > Settings or the address chrome://settings/

Click on Show Advanced Settings

Scroll down to Google Cloud Print and select Manage

Select Add Printers under the Classic printers heading




Check the box for the printers you want to set as a Classic Printer (Any printer installed locally on the PC you are on) and click Add printer(s)

Installation complete.


Now to share the printer to others. You can select Manage your printers on the previous page, or go to Chrome://devices or go to Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Google Cloud Print > Manage > Manage

Then Choose Manage for the printer you want to share

Select Share

Then just enter the email address of the Chrome user you want to share the printer with


That user will get an email to accept the printer, as soon as it is accepted they will have access.

From Chrome they just select Menu > Print and the printer will be listed among their printers at the bottom.

The printer will be very limited on selections, but will hold all the settings in Printing Preferences, So XSA will work as long as it is hard coded and not set to prompt. If it is set to prompt, it will actually prompt at the PC where the local driver is installed




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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Can a Phaser 8560 be configured for Mopria use with add-on equipment?

Google Cloud Print is a service that allows you to print to a printer using your smart You can print your document or e-mail with Chrome OS, install the printer driver on the mobile device. Depending on your security configuration, your firewall might not support Printer Xerox Phaser 8560 Advanced Features Manual.





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