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Re: 09,038.46:23758 error message Phaser 8560

9,035.43 through 9,038 (8500/8550/8560 only): Ink count sensor flags are
stuck after melting 2.5 ink sticks. The following codes are recorded: 9,03x.41,
where x= 5 for cyan, 6 for magenta, 7 for yellow, and 8 for black.
Features on the bottom of genuine Xerox ink sticks actuate the Ink Out
Sensor located at the forward end of each ink channel of the Ink Loader. The
sensor indicates the passage of ink to provide a count of ink consumption.
Damaged or non-genuine ink sticks may not reliably actuate the sensors. This
can lead to false Ink Out messages as well as Ink Stick count faults. Using
8400 model ink in a 8500/8550/8560 models will also cause 9,03x.4x ink stick
count faults.

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Re: 09,038.46:23758 error message Phaser 8560

it has something todo with the ink loader, i think you need to call xerox for an engeneer

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09,038.46:23758 error message Phaser 8560

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Does anyone know what this error message means, and how to fix the problem?  Thanks.

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