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Rob Tipps New Member
New Member

11x17 Transparencies

I have succesfully tested 8½x11 transparencies on both the 800/1000 and the Nuvera 144ea

My customer now wants 11x17. Is there a way to change the paper settings to this size so it will print?

I have tried to but the 800/1000 IOT will not let you change the size or if transparency is chosen it reverts back to 8½x11.

The Nuvera (Freeflow RIP) will let you set the paper correctly but when the job goes to print it errors stating to use 8½x11 or A4 paper size.


Anyone have a solution to print an 11x17 laser compatible transparency?


Thank you for looking,

Rob Tipps

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Flip-The-Switch Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Re: 11x17 Transparencies

We have been very successful at printing 11 x 17/8.5 x 11 transparencies on a 4112 but close on our Nuvera 100EA. Close meaning it pulled the transparencies from tray but it jammed prior to fuser area. I believe we would have been successful if it weren't for the long pathway.

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