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Cin123 New Member
New Member

2 hole punching on 7346

We need to be able to 2 hole punch on the short side (top) of the page and all we can find in properties set up is 2 hole punching on the long side, either landscape or portrait.  Can we really not 2 whole punch at the top or is there a work aroung we're not aware of?   Thanks

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Xerox Employee JohnM-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: 2 hole punching on 7346

Hello Cin 123,


There is an article in the WC7346 Knowledge Base that explains how to set up a job for hole punching.  There is the option to punch 2 holes at the top of the page.  Check out the article and let me know if you still have trouble.  After you click on the link provided above, type in "2 hole punch" (without the quotes) just as I have here and then click search.  Click on the second solution in the results and the instructions will be right there on the screen for you.



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