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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: 2100 Tray alignment issues.

I'm a little lost here. What is asking for particular stocks and when?


Command Workstation doesn't care what the stock is, just the try and size, the stock type comes from what is in the printer.




Auto-Alignment (Used with SIQA typically) again lists exactly what was programmed when the tray was loaded.




Manual alignment doesn't care, but you can apply it to the tray by name , so you could call an alignment "Cardstock" and apply it to the tray only when you loaded the stock.







You assign it to your stock/tray as such after you select Change Settings






In short, tell me exactly what you are doing and in what, then I will at least attempt to figure out where it has gone wrong.

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Joe Arseneau
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2100 Tray alignment issues.

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I have been having issues with the tray alignment and paper weights.


From what I understand, I need to setup each paper size and weight for each tray.  When I open the tray and put paper I change the stock in the library.  When I go the alignment and select the tray and paper size it asks me for a different weight and says there is a mismatch.  I have 2 machines, yesterday 1 was asking for a cardstock weight I never use and today the other one is asking for normal paper (I have the drawer setup with cardstock). 



How am I supposed to setup a tray with the cardstock settings that I use if it won’t accept the paper that in the tray?




Am I doing something completely wrong?






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