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cwhite New Member
New Member

2100 slowing/stopping when running 11x17 or short edge 8.5x11

I have 2 Versant 2100's and both of them seem to have the same issue, which started about 2 weeks ago.  The machines were not purchased at the same time, the 1 machine is around a year older.


If I run anything short edge 8.5x11 or 11x17 for any amount of time the machines will pause, as if they have lost temp and the start again.  We have tried everything we wcould think of without any luck.


Mind you, this started out of the blue with both machines, it's really frustarating when I have to run 1500 programs and it pauses every book!



ANY advice woudl be awesome!




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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: 2100 slowing/stopping when running 11x17 or short edge 8.5x11

First off, I have no experience of the issue you mention, having said that:


1. Has the humidity in the building/area increased?

2. If Fiery controllers, check for patches installed about 2 weeks ago, Google each and check the Fiery forum for others with the issue.

3. If the 2100 has Production Print Mode, has the setting been changed in Server > Configure > PDL > PS ?

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cwhite New Member
New Member

Re: 2100 slowing/stopping when running 11x17 or short edge 8.5x11

Hi Joe, thanks for the responce.


I don't think the humidity has increased to much, but it may have.


I am running Fiery and I believe we updated a couple of weeks ago, but we are only running 5.7 not 5.8.



#3 has not been changed.



I thinkI may have figured it out, but I'm not exactly sure what the actual problem was.  There was an issue with the cardstock.  I ran the same job twice, once without cardstock and the other with.  As soon as I added cardstock the machine slowed down.  So I decided I would just create a new cardstock in the paper catalog...and what do you know the one machine has been running non stop since the change.  I have not had a chance to try it on the other machine.

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