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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: 3260 is printing extremely slow

Shows you have poor wireless signal so maybe it's not getting the file fast on wifi

Validate Windows is not using the class driver by going to the usb pc, finding the printer, right clicking the printer(windows 7) clicking printer properties->advanced and looking at what driver is in use. 

Or (Windows 10) clicking manage printer -> printer properties -> advanced

Try putting the pdf on a thumb drive and popping it in the printer. See if it prints quickly there. 

Lastily update the firmware on the printer. 


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New Member
New Member

3260 is printing extremely slow

Product Name: Phaser 3260
Operating System: Windows 10

Six pages on duplex from small pdf file is about 5 minutes to finish with looong pauses between sheets. Tested on two computers, via USB and via WiFi. Installed from CD and later from web with updated drivers, but result was the same painfully long printing time. Please help me, what am I missing?

Configuration report here: 

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