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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: 3655i print size issue from Iphone Airprint

Your iPhone is either selecting Landscape instead of Portrait, or SEF vs LEF paper and not bothering to rotate the document like a Mac/PC would.


So look in the app you are printing from for one of those 2 options.

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Joe Arseneau
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3655i print size issue from Iphone Airprint

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I am trying to print a PDF documents from my Iphone via Airprint and the size is wrong when it come out and it cuts off the top of the page.  I have print the PDF file off of a laptop and it prints correctly.  As well I have printed the file to a differnet Xerox machine in the office and we have not issues.  


When we click the print it looks correct on the screen of the Iphone like it should work and print properly but when it come out of the 3655i machine it looks like the Picture attached. 


I have attached the orrigional file and a picture of what it is printing.  Any Ideas would greatly help as we need this file to print and something seems to be wrong.




Orriginal File Picture.jpg


Picture of what Prints IMG_4173.JPG

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