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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: 4510 Paper Selection Issu

Fabio has a good point - you can print directly to the tray BUT it's not the best method.

The Xerox machine uses tray switching and when you copy or send a print job its most looking for 8.5 x 11 Plain White - standard paper. If you were to load tray 1 with letter, tray 2 with legal, and tray with labels (but name it as letter) here is an example scenario you would experience:

You would need to specify the paper tray for each job - copy or print. If you did not the machine is looking for 8.5 x 11 from either copying or printing if left on auto. Since I'm printing a 10 page document and I only have 1 page left in tray one the machine will then print the 9 other pages out of the other tray which you have loaded with labels - but you have selected Plain White. The machine doesn't sense what paper type you have loaded - you must specify it. Also; when you select the Paper Type to labels the machine changes the fusing temps and the ink may not stick or bond to the paper as you want.

If you do NOT think that is an issue then Fabio's suggestion would work.

In my professional opinion I would change the Paper Type or use alternatives such as getting another tray or using the Bypass for labels. Far less issues when done with way - I would hate to see you print your PowerPoint presentation on your Labels since no one loaded paper in another Tray.
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Valued Advisor

Re: 4510 Paper Selection Issu

what you can do maybe


in the print preferences you can setup the tray , for example tray 3 , but leave the type on auto and color on auto , instead of the default values like plain, white


that way it will print to that specific tray, regardless what is in the tray at that moment



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New Member

4510 Paper Selection Issu

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

We use a number of Xerox Phaser 4510's. I have 3 trays and the MPT and we use each tray for different types of paper (envelopes, plain, letterhead, continuation).


My issue is that we also print a lot of labels and when someone sends labels the printer prompts for labels to be loaded which is done and the print comes out. However when this is done the paper type in the tray changes permanently to labels and needs to be manually changed back to the original paper type.


In a large office with too many busy users to be bothered changing it back this causes issues. Does any one know of a solution or work around where after labels are printed it reverts back to the original paper type. We print mostly from MS Word.


Any help would be appreciated.



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