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4510 Paper Selection Issue

We use a number of Xerox Phaser 4510's. I have 3 trays and the MPT and we use each tray for different types of paper (envelopes, plain, letterhead, continuation).


My issue is that we also print a lot of labels and when someone sends labels the printer prompts for labels to be loaded which is done and the print comes out. However when this is done the paper type in the tray changes permanently to labels and needs to be manually changed back to the original paper type.


In a large office with too many busy users to be bothered changing it back this causes issues. Does any one know of a solution or work around where after labels are printed it reverts back to the original paper type. We print mostly from MS Word.


Any help would be appreciated.





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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: 4510 Paper Selection Issue

Hi Tom,


Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), the machine will not revert back to the original paper type settings automatically. It requires that you to either change the media type settings via the front panel right after the label job, or to wait and load the other media type back in the tray when the time comes to print on that media and the machine prompts you to "load XX media in tray XX".


I think the easiest way to handle this is as follows; After performing the label print job, when you load the original media back in the tray, the machine should prompt you asking if you would like to keep the current paper type (label) or change it. You can then select the media type you just loaded and it will be ready for the next print job.


I'm sure this may not be ideal for your particular environment, however I'm sure you can imagine the trouble that could arise if the media type reverted back to the previous setting on it's own yet still had your expensive label media loaded. Spread that over 3 trays and you have the potential for all kinds of confusion. :smileyhappy:


Hope that helps!

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