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Re: 4620 - intialization and warming up continous loop

Hi PhillyRubes,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please consider enabling TCP\IP IPv6 and see if that makes a difference. Then try this: Verify that the print driver port is configured for LPR with queue name of 'lp'.

Open the driver properties and click on ports tab, then click on configure port button, change the port from 9100 to 515, then move the radio dot to LPR, for queue name use lp (lower case). click ok and ok. If this does not fix the issue please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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4620 - intialization and warming up continous loop

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We have a bunch of 4620s that seem to have this continous loop of intializaing and warming up.  It goes from one status to the other and back again.  ie intializing, then warming up, then initializing etc.  Playing around with it - including but not limited to, resetting network, booting without network cable, and then plugging the ethernet cable back in.  We may get a couple print jobs to come out before it starts happening again.  It only happens when the network cable is plugged in.


We are using the latest version of the global print driver PS for it on a centralized Windows Server 2008 print server.  The printers have the latest firmware.


None of the printers have a hard drive, and this does not seem to be connected to what the users are printing at all.  The most recent time it happened it started initializing in the middle of a job.


The only sure way I've seen to clear this issue is to either give the printer a new IP address (requires remapping all users) or delete the port (requires restarting a print server for thousands of employees).  Either way, they both require a help desk ticket for central IT which takes additional time.

Occasionally, we have seen the problem go away all by itself on a printer, only to reappear a few days later.


Anyone have any ideas where the issue resides or its cause?

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