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5330 and Optio

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I have a customer that runs Optio in a Virtual environment.  As I understand it, Optio prints direct to IP and requires the specific trays to be programmed.  The below message gives a bit more insight as to how he requests the printer to be managed.  What I'm looking for is any information to give to him as to if we can support this type of configuration on the 5330?  Anyone have any experience in this?  Or know if trays can be programmed?


Here is what my device definition code looks like for a Kyocera. There is one set of tray definitions as they are on the Kyocera and one that makes them compatible with my OPTIO settings for an HP printer (that’s so all you have to do is set the correct device definition—you don’t have to change the tray settings—if you switch from an HP to a Kyocera). The “\E” stands for the ESC character (0x1B) that you can’t type on a keyboard.


     FEEDER "Tray 01", "\E&l2H"           // Kyocera MP Tray

     FEEDER "Tray 02", "\E&l1H"           // Kyocera Cassette 1

     FEEDER "Tray 03", "\E&l4H"           // Kyocera cassette 2

     FEEDER "Tray 04", "\E&l5H"           // Kyocera Cassette 3

     FEEDER "Auto Select", "\E&l7H"

     FEEDER "Default", ""

     FEEDER "MP TRAY", "\E&l2H"           //HP Tray 1

     FEEDER "Cassette 1", "\E&l1H"        //HP Tray 2

     FEEDER "Cassette 2", "\E&l4H"        //HP Tray 3

     FEEDER "Cassette 3", "\E&l5H"        //HP Tray 4

     FEEDER "Cassette 4", "\E&l20H"

     FEEDER "Cassette 5", "\E&l21H"

     FEEDER "Cassette 6", "\E&l22H"

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