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5755 toner not fully adhering

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On heavier weight (65#+ cover) Vellum type cardstocks run on our 5755, toner does not seem to be fully fusing to the sheet (you can rub toner off solids showing paper beneath).

Is there any way to increase the temp of the fuser or slightly slow down travel along the print path to possibly increase toner adhesion?


Our service guy says it's just an issue with the texture/tooth of the stock & there's nothing that can be done to correct it. We can print solid blacks on this stock just fine on other black-only machines, so it seems there would be some kind of fix.


Any thoughts/help would be appreciated.


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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: 5755 toner not fully adhering

Typically you change the tempature by increasing the weight of the stock programmed in the tray.



1lb. of Text paper = 1.48 gsm. Multiply each pound of text paper by 1.48.

1 lb. of Cover paper = 2.708 gsm. Multiply each pound of cover paper by 2.708.


65lb. text = 96.2 gsm

65lb. cover = 176.02 gsm


The problem with your case is you have a machine that is maxed out at 65LB cover stock, so there is no higher setting to choose from and therefore no way to increase the temperature or decrease the speed as the only way to do so is to increase the weight association.


I know there is a way to get the machine to run textured/rough paper, but I also know that it requires some sort of hardware change, probably a different fuser, but I can't find any reference to that. The Rough setting on mine is greyed out and when selected tells me The stock type is not available with the current hardware configuration.


Oddly, the CED states that the specific scenario you have is expected on page 3 :-(



Long story short, if you can select Rough as a type, try it.


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Joe Arseneau
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