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Lusil New Member
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Re: 5775 - How to print a color pdf in black & white and not greyscale?

Hi guys, thanks for helpful information.

I would be gratefull if you could tell me how to choose option to print blacknwhite on the printer.

Is that option in a word document while printing or on the printer machine?


Thank you in advance

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: 5775 - How to print a color pdf in black & white and not greyscale?

Hi Lucil.

It is a BW only machine. Grayscale is BW, the printer has white paper and Black toner.

Less dense toner just shades it as Grey.


There is no option to choose BW only because it s nearly useless

Take for instance this photo



Printed as Grayscale




Printed BW




All a BW option would give you is solid black in any place there was anything but an absence of data.


Grayscale uses shades of grey to convey the tones and Black to convey Black.


The only time somebody would prints color as solid black would be in specific cases, and never a photo. Drafting Documents mostly.

The other would be a white background and light colored text, which is fine digitally, but not in print due to CMYK versus RGB, and of course the absence of backlightling.


Acrobat/Reader has a few places beyond what is in that video too. If you choose the File > Print menu, select the printer then go to Advanced make sure Let Printer Determine color is checked, or in Acrobat its in Advanced > Color Management




Word has no real color options, but to get to the driver in Word when printing it is File > Print > Printer Properties > Image Options but this is not a color printer so you are quite limited.




Word can (in some versions) convert a job to Grayscale via Page Layout > Colors You could in theory use the Custom option to create a Black only setup





Also, notice that in both programs, BW and Grayscale are entirely interchageable, as they are in the Xerox driver, and the HP driver in the video by Adobe



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