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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: 6010N won't print anything, job appears sent but W status window then shows "Delete-P . . &

Best to do a complete uninstall / reinstall of the driver.


XP is dead (EOL) and not supported (By MS, Xerox, and most companies), the drivers are no longer developed, the printer is no longer developed for. The only thing you have in this scenario that has any support is the web browser and the Adobe plugin that opened the pdf within it.


So if the blame is on the Xerox side, where nothing has changed yet things are different, then a remove/reinstall is the only fix as the only possibility of failure is the driver being corrupted.


I have seen machines just get crashed due to really long file names, which often happened when printing a webpage that has a reallylong URL, mostly due to javascript in them. Typically those machines had firmware updates to address the issue. But that isn't worth looking into at this juncture because so far, it isn't a "this particular page crashes the machine every time we print it" scenario.

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Joe Arseneau
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6010N won't print anything, job appears sent but W status window then shows "Delete-P . . "

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This started out of nowhere but with a job that has caused problems for people for a variety of reasons related to browers, java, etc. Namely printing an international mailing label pdf online with "USPS - Powered by Pitney Bowes". I was doing it previously w/o difficulty but recently a label would not print. After a few seconds of flashing light on printer the Windows printer status showed the job as deleted. In addition no other document from any program would print. From empty status window to "Printing" but no actual output, or sometimes the Delete-P.


For a time it seemed that turning both pc and printer off and restarting would allow printing of any other non-usps doc. Now it's worse as starting from scratch I get the Delete-P with a wordpad doc. No error message.

Don't know if that first doc triggered something or was just coincidence.

I went to clear printing folder in spool but appeared it was already empty.

Wxp3, FF50 but I don't think browser is involved.

Thanks for any assistance.

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