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6027 will not print some pages

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Just purchased and setup machine with the latest drivers. Prints a test page from Win10 will not print email from thunderbird or a picture from my photo program - will print from windows photos.


Why the selectivity?

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: 6027 will not print some pages

Depends on what you mean by latest drivers.


If you are talking about Windows Class drivers it would mean the apps are not updated to work with Class drivers or V4 drivers.

If you are talking about V3 drivers, it would probably depend on which since there are the PCL6 and PS driver to consider.

Add to that you haven't mention if it is USB connected, or Wifi/Ethernet, and in that case what protocol (LPR/RAW or WSD)

You also haven't mentioned if the apps are crashing, or the job is sticking in queue on the PC, or making it to the printer and sticking in the queue there, or failing there, or printing garbled there.


As for selectivity, the driver doesn't care at all where the job comes from, but V4 drivers and Class drivers most definitely do.

And if it worked and stopped, then it would imply it worked and stopped, in which case I would hazard to guess you updated Windows to build 1803 this week, which absolutely would have converted you from a Xerox driver to a class driver, and in the case of a LAN install, would also have converted the port to WSD.


I can state for a fact I can print just fine to a 6027 using the Xerox V3 drivers to a TCP/IP port on LPR as long as SNMP and LPR byte counting are disabled.


And I print just fine with Thunderbird, Photoshop CC, IrFanview/Windows PhotoViewer (registry edit to enable that one) GIMP and Paint.


But since you only list that it works in the Windows System (test page) and one very specific app that uses V4/Class drivers (Windows Photos) my guess is that you did not successfully use a Xerox driver at all, and Windows has loaded its own Class driver.

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Joe Arseneau
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