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6204 Wide Format - Printing PDF @ 18"x24" comes out on 36"x48" sheet

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We have PDF's that we would like to print at 18"x24". No matter what settings we use the paper size printed comes out at 36"x48". This is a big waste of paper. I can't believe that the 6204 will not trim after 18" or 24"  depending on orientation. Must we use a 24" roll and switch every time in order to print without wasting paper? HP has a feature called "nesting" where you can send a bunch of 11x17 size plots to a 36x48 for example and it will minimize paper waste and trimming by automatically fitting as many 11x17 plots into a 36x48 sheet as possible. 6204 is installed on Win server 2003 as print server, printing from 64 bit Win7 using Adobe. Please advise! Thanks I'm really frustrated though I am sure it is some easy silly setting I am missing.

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