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Re: 6204 improving pdf/image printing speed

I am a newbie here. I think printing images or PDFs using some professional tools can make the work much more convenient. Do you have any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.




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6204 improving pdf/image printing speed

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What is the best way to print an Arch D (24x36") size 600dpi image?  I am trying to use the latest HPGL2 windows driver with a dwf or pdf and Acrobat Reader or Design Review and its takes an extremely long time to process (over 10 minutes).  Would adding more RAM (I currenlty have 2GB) or upgrading the processor in the AccXES controller help?  Or is the bottleneck the processor in the printer itsef?  I wish there was a way to view the controller RAM and processor usage.


Does anyone use the Postscript feature to print pdfs?  If so, does it improve the speed of pdf processing?  Would it be possible to obtain a demo of the feature?


I was also wondering if updating to the latest controller firmware would help.  To do that, I would need the latest OS Install CD.  From Xerox's site

Xerox FreeFlow Accxes 14.1 Controller Firmware for Xerox Wide Format 6204 systems with UXC/LVX controller types

Note: Please review release notes prior to installation. This version of Accxes (14.1b210) requires OS Install CD version 4.3 or higher. BSP Kernel revision or later is also required. Service is required to upgrade from earlier Accxes® revisions.

 Is there a place where the OS Install CD can be purchased?

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