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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: 7830 Automatically Print from mailbox for eFax

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Setup Internet fax (It will print out emails it receives)

in CWIS go to Properties > Services > Internet Fax > Setup and click Edit for the POP3



Enter in the pop3 account info here




It is a limited thing though, it doesn't support IMAP protocol, SSL or TLS encryption. It is also a massive PITA to troubleshoot if it fails to work because obviously the MFP can't give you a fault since it never received the job, and from the server side it doesn't know the printer even tried to read the email.



If email is not already setup and working, make sure the time/date/DNS /gateway and proxy (If you have one) is all correct before even trying.

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Joe Arseneau
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New Member

7830 Automatically Print from mailbox for eFax

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We have gone to eFax for our faxing needs and are about to move our MFP's over to eFax also.


I would like to setup up our printers (mostly WC 7830's) to automatically print the fax from eFax when one arrives just like it would with a standard fax line.


The way eFax works is when a fax comes in it gets emailed as an attachment to the email address associated with the fax number. 


How can I setup a 7830 to automatically print the attachment when one arrives to the email address assigned to the printer?

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