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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: 7830 Print Error "Smart card service required to print"

What printer icon and what tray?


As for the smart cards, check that this screen matches mine




And this one




There have been absolutely no reports of this issue, so whatever it is, it was enabled on that location.


Worst case scenario is the machine would need to be wiped, which is ridiculously easy on current gen firmware.


Machine Status > Tools > Device Settings > General  > Erase Customer data (Think of this as an Altboot that requires no USB



You could also just disable Bi-di in the driver




Also, disable this thing



And if needed, change the driver to the GPD, or Native (Dependant on which you have now)

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Joe Arseneau

7830 Print Error "Smart card service required to print"

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We have a 7830 WorkCentre that is failing to print and displaying an error (on the PC) "A smart card service is required to print."  This occurs in Word, Adobe, etc. and doesn't appear to be program specific.  I re-installed the driver yesterday (They had PS but I switched to PCL-6), and everything began working fine until today when we are getting the same error.  Accounting is not enabled on the device at all, nor does it even appear to be an option in the Advanced properties setting of the driver (nor would it have been enabled), so I'm at a loss for why we are getting this error.  


Sometimes it will allow me to print a test page, and other times it will freeze up and then show this error.  Any thoughts? Also, the printer icon will appear and disappear from the tray randomly.  Could it be that the PC is intermittently losing contact with the printer, and when this happens, her print job is being directed to some other device which would produce this error?



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