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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: 7855: Difficulties printing to legal or tabloid trays

MS stomps all over the printer driver in the default setup.

In MS Word you need to go into Page setup and change it from Default tray automatically select to Automatically Select , then Set as default and then print.


That Should make the default selection become Automatically select.




Here is the oddity, and I assume it applies to all brands, becuase it wasn't Xerox that put 2 different Auto selects in Word.


Default tray (Automatically Select) is basically "Select the default tray as set on the printer regarless of the media in it."

Automatically Select is "Choose the tray that has the paper size wanted already loaded in it"


I can't think of a single purpose for option 1, and it is the default in MS Word.


Now the driver itself should not matter at all, but if you have any issue still just select the media from the highlighted area in this shot as the bi-directional shoul dpull in whatever is loaded in any trays.



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Joe Arseneau
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7855: Difficulties printing to legal or tabloid trays

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I've configured one tray for legal paper and another tray for tabloid paper.


On my computer I've setup a legal-size preset to use the proper tray, and ditto for a tabloid-specific preset.


They don't work :(. I have setup a test legal-size and tabloid-size documents in Microsoft Word. When I print, the photocopier has an error message requesting 'additional resources.' When I check the print job in the queue, the printer is asking for 8.5" x 11" size paper in the legal or tabloid tray.


What I discovered is two workarounds:

1) My default printer is a small HP desktop printer beside my computer that only does letter-size paper. In my application (e.g. Word) the 'Page Setup' is configured to letter-size and the HP printer. If I change the setting to the Xerox 7855 and legal/tabloid, then the print job will go through.

2) In the print menu > Paper Handling > turn on 'Scale to fit paper size' and change the destination size to legal/tabloid.


As you may imagine, neither workaround is convenient for the average user in our office.


Is there any simplier way to print legal/tabloid-sized documents?



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