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Technical Escalation Service Provider
Technical Escalation Service Provider

7855 with Fiery syntax errors

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

ERROR: ioerror








ERROR: syntaxerror

OFFENDING COMMAND: - -nostringvl--







ERROR: syntaxerror










Machine Name:WC7855
IP Address:
Machine Serial Number:MX4322839
Fax Line 1:8642680351
System Software Version:
Machine URL:
Machine Name:WC7855
Machine Model:Xerox WorkCentre 7855 v1 Multifunction System
Machine Serial Number:MX4322839
Xerox Asset Tag: 
Customer Asset Tag: 
Service Phone Number: 
Customer Support Number: 
Supplies Phone Number: 
System Administrator:System Administrator name not set
Machine Location:Academy of the Arts
Browser Version2.
Fax Card:Present
Extended Fax Card:Not Present
Fax Card Memory Size:985MB
Foreign Interface Card:Not Present
Net Controller RAM:1984MB
Net Controller Disk Size:used=6124MB/total=160041MB
Finisher Type:Xerox Professional Finisher
Finisher Punch:2/3 Hole
Finisher FolderNot Present
Lower Power Mode Timer:120minutes
Sleep Mode Timer:120minutes
SMart eSolutions:Not Enrolled
SMart eSolutions Trans. Time:06:50
E-mail Alerts:Enabled
Service Plan:Metered
Startup Config Report:Disabled
GMT Offset:-5.0
System Software:
Network Controller:071.043.23410.LL.smbclient
User Interface:071.043.23410
Marking Engine:090.078.000
Copy Controller:071.043.23410
Document Feeder:007.010.000
Copy Controller OS:071.003.23410
Network Controller OS:071.003.23410
Software Upgrade:010.116.00252
Machine Upgrades:Enabled
Last Successful Upgrade:September 13, 2013 3:54:1 PM
Scheduled Auto Upgrades:Disabled
Auto Upgrade Start Time:Daily
Auto Upgrade Server:
Ethernet MAC Address:9c:93:4e:1f:1e:ff
Ethernet Speed/Duplex Setting:Auto
USB Settings: 
USB Connection Mode:Software Tools
Print Timeout:5 seconds
Security Mode:NONE
Encryption Algorithm:AUTO
Status:Not Connected
Print Server Name:XRX9C934E1F1EFF
NDS Tree:Xerox_DS_Tree
NDS Context:Xerox_DS_Context
NDS Server:
Novell Filing Transport:IP
IPX Frame Type:ethernet_auto
IPX External Number 
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Automatic Addressing:STATIC
BOOTP Broadcast:Disabled
DHCP Server:
DHCP Lease Expiration:Mon Dec 2 12:29:18 2013 EST
Self Assigned Address State:Enabled
Self Assigned Address:
Link Local Address: 
Use Router Supplied Prefix:Enabled
Stateless Global Address 1: 
Stateless Global Address 2: 
Manual Address: 
DHCP Addressing:Use DHCP as directed by a router
DHCP Address: 
Default Gateway: 
DNS Settings 
Requested Host Name:WC7855
Verified Host Name: 
Requested Domain
Verified Domain Name: 
Multicast DNS:Enabled
Release DHCP Leases and DNS Registration:Disabled
Primary DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server 1:
Alternate DNS Server 2:
DNS Connection Timeout:5
Append Device Domain:Disabled
Append Parent Domains:Disabled
DNS Domain Search List: 
Prefer IPv6 DNS over IPv4:Disabled
Port Number:80
Force Traffic over SSL:No
Secure HTTP Port Number:443
Proxy Server:Disabled
Proxy Server Address:
IPP Network Path:
SNMP v1/v2:Enabled
SNMP v3:Disabled
Port Number:515
PDL Switching:Disabled
PDL Banner OverrideDisabled
Raw IP Printing:Enabled
Port Number 1:9100
End of Job Timeout:300
PDL Switching:Disabled
SMTP Server:
Max Message Size (KB):20480
Number of Fragments:1
Total Job Size (KB):300000
Job Splitting Boundary:Page Boundary
Credentials for Auto E-mails:None
Credentials for Walkup User:None
POP3 Server:
Receipt of E-mail via POP3:Enabled
Send Confirm on Request:Enabled
Incoming E-mail cover sheet:Enabled
Primary Server:
Alternate Server:
Web Services on Device:Enabled
WS-Discovery Multicast:Enabled
Web Services 
Extensible Service Registration:Enabled
Scan Template Management:Enabled
Xerox Secure Access:Disabled
Session Data:Enabled
Scan Extension:Enabled
Device Configuration:Enabled
Authen. & Author. Config:Enabled
XEIP Proxy Configuration:Enabled
User Interface Configuration:Enabled
Copy Extension:Enabled
Job Management Extension:Enabled
Mass Storage Access:Enabled
Card Reader Access:Enabled
Job Limits:Enabled
Print Extension:Enabled
Digital Certificate Management and Security Configuration:Enabled
Export Audit Log:Enabled
McAfee Embedded Control:Enabled
Banner Sheet:Disabled
Sys/Start Job:Disabled
Delete Held Jobs After:4320
Error Sheets:Disabled
Paper Substitution:Enabled
Tray Priority:3,4,1,2,5
Default Copies:1
Default Job Type:Normal Print
Default Paper Size:Letter (8.5 x 11")
Default Paper Color:White
Default 2 Sided Printing:1 Sided
Default Output Tray:Main Tray
Default Output Color:Color
Default Collated Sets:Enabled
Default Stapling:No Staple
Image Quality:Standard
XPS (XML Paper Specification):Not Installed
Level:XPS 1.0
Version:XPS 1.0
Image Quality:Standard
Color Correction:None
RGB Color Space:Xerox RGB
CMYK Color Space:Commercial
Pitch Size:10.00
Point Size:12.00
Font Name:Courier (Permanent)
Lines Per Page:60
Embedded Fax:Installed/Displayed
Fax Line 1:8642680351
Fax Line 2: 
Internet Fax:Not Displayed
Delivery Confirm Timeout:10800 seconds
Confirmation Sheet:Errors Only
Activity Report:Enabled
Accept E-mail with no Attach:Enabled
Server Fax:Not Displayed
Confirmation Sheet:Errors Only
Delay Start:Disabled
Repository Protocol:FTP
Repository Server:
Repository Document Path: 
Workflow Scanning:Displayed
Confirmation Sheet:Errors Only
Default Repository Protocol:SMB
Default Repository Server:
Default Repository Document Path: 
Default Repository Login Credentials:System
Alt1 Repository Protocol:FTP
Alt1 Repository Server:
Alt1 Repository Document Path: 
Alt1 Repository Login Credentials:System
Template Pool Protocol:FTP
Template Pool Server:
Template Pool Path: 
Default From
Default From Name: 
Confirmation Sheet:Errors Only
Auto Send to Self:Disabled
E-mail Security:Disabled
Scan To...:Not Displayed
Scan to Mailbox:Enabled/Displayed
View Mailboxes by Default:Enabled
Storage Capacity (MB):28161.48 MB
Storage Used (MB):1602.64 MB
Cleanup of Public Folders:Disabled
Cleanup of Created Folders:Disabled
Cleanup time:Daily
Scan to Home:Disabled
Friendly Name: 
Template Name: 
Auto Create Subdir:Disabled
Append User Name to Path:Disabled
Auto Create User Name Dir:Disabled
Print FromDisplayed
Saved Jobs for Reprint:Enabled
Print From USB:Enabled
Print From Mailbox:Enabled
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3 Replies
Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: 7855 with Fiery syntax errors

So it is a Postscript error with a print job?


What application are you printing from?

Are you importing to command workstation, printing from Acrobat?

What print driver are you using?


The Colorspace error makes it sound like the wrong driver is used.


Educated guess is the 7855 driver or the Global Print driver.

Neither can be used with a Fiery.


If the job is a pdf, import it into command workstation and apply all settings there.

Does the same error occur?

Please be sure to select "Accept Solution" and or select the thumbs up icon to enter Kudos for posts that resolve your issues. Your feedback counts!

Joe Arseneau
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Occasional Advisor
Occasional Advisor

Re: 7855 with Fiery syntax errors

That is the info from the 7855. Make sure you have the correct driver. I believe the 7855 subnet should be

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Technical Escalation Service Provider
Technical Escalation Service Provider

Re: 7855 with Fiery syntax errors

Thank you all for your assistance. the customer began using the Command Workstation and the problems were eliminated

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