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Re: 7875i + finisher printing booklets problems

Final report: yeah, it looks like now it working pretty smooth. 
For future myselfa (and some other interested in this topic) the idea is to in-the-pritning-selection bypass everything until Xerox-booklet-selections.

And of course, print some selected samples before the final output :-)

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Re: 7875i + finisher printing booklets problems - problem solved?

Hello Everybody!

Good news (for me), I think I solved my own problem: how to print booklets…

If I only use the Xerox printer setup, and select to use the paper size of the booklet, which is double of the document size.

 For example, A5 sized 8 page booklet, choose papersize A4. Or an A4 sized 20 page booklet, choose size A3. 

Confusing is that this is not possible in all my programs. In the Mac's Preview, this is not possible. 

Below some snap shots how it works:


Abobe: First Xerox's booklet options.



Above: Second Booklet Creation…xerox3.png

Above: Third, important steps, selecting the size…


Below an example where I can not select the paper size :-(
This is confusing that the paper size is not selectable (in the Xerox part). 



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7875i + finisher printing booklets problems

Product Name: WorkCentre 7830i/7835i/7845i/7855i
Operating System: macOS 10.14 - Mojave

Hello Everybody!

All help needed with printing booklets with 7845i + pro finisiher.
So far I have read and followed thru all the quides I've found from this forum and elsewhere.

Despite my vigorous attempts, I manage all the time get the pages upside down, wrong size or something else.

For example, I try to print:
- A5 sized booklets (that's folded A4) with LibreOffice. 
- A4 sized booklets (folded A3) from pdf-viewer.

No succes :-( even when I'm carefully going thru all the print selection, includin Xerox-printer selections when printing.

All help, hints and ideas welcome!
BIG thanks in advance!




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