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aliwoo New Member
New Member

8400 Colour Printing Issues



I am new to the Forum and we have an old 8400DP PS printer that we are having immense problems with using from a 64 bit OS - using both Server 2008 and W7.


In both cases when you install a new driver.. and i have tried a few now, the default setting for this colour printer is that it prints in greyscale. Puzzling as a starting point, but the next puzzlement is that when you print from Adobe pdf, it crops the print to be down in one end or corner of a printed page.. it then stops spooling and halts the entire print job after printing only a few pages of the document.


Printing from 32 bit machines to this printer is fine, and i have tried to replicate all settings on there to no avail.


Obviously there must be a simple, full proof solution to this, either by a setting, or by driver type as i have seen on these forums, people using 64bit drivers fine.


Please can anyone help! It is imperative that we get this sorted for our office please.


I have looked at previous solutions to similar issues on here, but nothing has worked.


Thanks for your help in advance!

Ali Thompson.

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Printfun Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: 8400 Colour Printing Issues

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Fabio Valued Advisor
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Re: 8400 Colour Printing Issues

or try the latest global driver ? 5.185.42


be sure if you add additional 64 drivers on your server that you use the same version of the 32bit


Maybe you installed a generic ppd only for 64 bit?

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Johnny_L Member

Re: 8400 Colour Printing Issues

On the issue of printing from a pdf and the copy being shoved to one corner, on the menu bar in the pdf, go to document, then crop pages and make sure all the crop, trim, bleed and art boxes are set to zero, and then save. That should help that part of it anyway.

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