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8400 Prints blurry text & images

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Just pulled this 8400DX out of storage and it started and printed fine. But after a few days it began printing a random blurry page and after another day or so printing the menu map is all blurry. 


Tried resetting the printer by turning it off over night and turning it on in the morning. The first page of the menu map is fine but the second page is slightly blurry and printing the menu map a second time right away the now third page is even blurrier and the fourth is really blurry and really poor quality like its printed  on the economy setting very pixalated with what seems to be a very fine waxy coat of black?


What the heck? Help & thanks for suggestings in advance.


Blurry Print Samples

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Re: 8400 Prints blurry text & images

Gosh! No one has any ideas. A Xerox Online Chat person thinks it may be the drum that is "cracked' and now the encoder has oil on it? Anyone concur?


Help! Please!

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