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brunomarzullo New Member
New Member

8560 and 8860 problems

i have two printers with 6 months of use, the printers starts to  warming up and after this enter in cleaning mode and never leave the cleaning mode. it stucks in cleaning mode, and gone wasting my sticks and not leave this mode!  and i lost $$$ of ink, the waste reservoir is full and i losted a lot of $$$ my two printers have the same problems, i can't  resolve this, please give me a light!

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: 8560 and 8860 problems

there is a new firmware for the 8860 that i know, vs 4.2.10 ... it isnt listed on the xerox site, so you should call xerox to obtain it... i see in the rls notes something about warm up times reduced


maybe there is also one for the 8560

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