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Re: 8560 prints spotted toner on paper leading edge

Please ignore the "image" issue stated at the ebde of the description.  ... Apparently it fixed itself!

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8560 prints spotted toner on paper leading edge

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 7 x64

Leading edges (8-1/2" width) have tiny specs of ink(?) sort of a dirty blickish/green color/shade specs/spots and easier to see as a group of repeat prints. And when printing 2-sided the second side also has the same spots but not as pronounces and the first side. No spots/specs on other edges or front/back of page.

What we have tried: Menu Trouble shoot Remove Smears & run the Light Stripes Basic and replaced the Maintancece Kit even though it looks Fair Condition. This is a well cared for printer with 54K prints and only use Xerox brand ink. Thank You. BTW Have made multiple attemps to upload an image and all is fine until I select the Post button ... and this is what happens. Suggestions?20210410_161317-1.jpg

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