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Re: 8560MFP Sometimes extremly slow sometimes super fast

Hi bsacheli,

Thank you for using the Support Forum!  Please take a look at this solution I found at the support page for your machine.  If this does not help, you may need to call support. 

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8560MFP Sometimes extremly slow sometimes super fast

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Id like to know what could be causing my 8560MFP to print documents so slow sometimes and other times its instant with in a second or two


when I say slow I mean it can take over 5 minutes to print one document 

and when I say fast it can print a full page graphic in less than 1 second


any ideas on what can cause the slowdown

my wife runs a preschool and she doesnt have time to wait 5 minutes to print papers for her classes she needs them now

so if anyione can point out p[ossible bottlenecks, connection issues or whatever could be our problem


we have mutliple computer some are completly wireless and some are wired to the router

the printer is Wired to the router but this issue happen on all the computers

our computers are fast

the one im wring this post on is a I7 with 12GB ram


i thought when i upgraded the Printers RAM that would help but it didnt help

i added another 512Mb so we have 1 GB of RAM



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