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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: 8560MFPD not printing in color on Windows7



I would recommend returning to the regular PS Win7 8560 driver, and then once that is reinstalled, do the following to resolve the B&W issue;


1). Go to Start and select Devices and Printers

2). Right click on the printer icon and select Properties

3). Go to the Options tab

4). Under Device Options, you should see a Configuration drop down menu, select 8560MFP in that list.

5). Click Apply and OK to exit out of this window and you should be good to go!


Hope that helps!

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Re: 8560MFPD not printing in color on Windows7

I downloaded the global print driver and now I'm printing in color from my windows 7 computer. 


But now my printer keeps on losing its connection from my network and I have to keep doing a network reset to keep it on,


Any Suggestions



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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: 8560MFPD not printing in color on Windows7

i have seen that also several times


Try this :


install a printer on a lpt1 port with a generic driver.

Then go to the properties of that driver , change the port to a TCP IP port , then go to advaned , and replace the driver with a new xerox driver

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8560MFPD not printing in color on Windows7

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

I was wondering if anyone has had problems printing in color on Windows 7 computers to the phaser 8560MFPD. 


Ive tried to install the new drivers but an error keeps popping up saying that:

WIndows can't open Add Printer.

Operation could not be completer (error 0x0000007e).


Also from this printer it only allows me to print to tray 1. 


I have installed the software on my other computers in my network (none are running windows 7) and they print in color and from tray 2, 


Any suggestions would be great,


Thank You.



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