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Re: 8570 - FALSE ink low error, and paper jams

Hi Marc-f4p,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solutions for Low ink.  Pay particular attention to solution 5.  If these do not help then service would be indicated. 

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Re: 8570 - FALSE ink low error, and paper jams


Root Cause Analysis:

- Printer bought as displaying 'Black ink low'

- Printer still on first set of starter ink

- Seller experiences 'Black ink low'... checks price of ink... decides to sell printer as uneconomical for occasion al home use.

- Seller frustrated, pulls plug on printer.. leading to 91,721 error.. print head tilt error (incorrect shutdown)

- Buyer (me).. discovers that ALL inks still have at least ¼ still in slots

- Buyer (me) purchases a full set of genuine 'starter inks'

- Strips and rebuilds to correct 91,721 error.. took some time but got there in the end.

- Printer will print on-board sheets (including full colour grid array test sheet)... but will only 1 page of 3 page 'Advice' docs. Second page always jams.

- Experiences power-cut due to electrical device failure elsewhere in house..... timing couldn't have been better! grr!

- Printer now reports 'Yellow ink low'... even though ¾ block of ink in the stack

- ALL inks are genuine Xerox 8570

- Paper used is Xerox brand (new pack)


Will someone please give me some info to work with.... even though I could break this for parts (and make a lot more than it cost me)..I don't really want to do that.. I want to use this printer for the quality of output!


Even advice along the lines of... "Don't bother, it's beyond reasonable economic repair!" would be of assistance.. at least I can move on from that and put 'Plan B - dismantle' into action!!


Anyone out there? :-(

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Re: 8570 - 2nd page always jams

Just had a powercut.... now saying 'Yellow ink low'... there is ¾ of a block in the chute.

I really can't be doing with this.. as much as I love the solid ink print quality it is simply not worth the aggro.

What's the point in having (say) a Bentley if you have to bump-start it every morning but it's great when it's going... when you can get a 15yr old VW that starts on the button every time.. and gets you from A > B just the same.

Gonna get me a colour laser printer... the output quality may not be as good but at least it will get the job done without anywhere near the hassle.

By the way... with regards to the 'Service Manual'... several of the pictures are wholly incorrect as they show non-keyed plugs going into the sockets the wrong way round for wiring purposes, also several of the diagrams are completely wrong due to orientation of major components... presumably taken from very early design proposals when the parts documented were on the same side of the machine.

Quality 'fail' on several levels....

One low-mileage 8570 breaking for spares on a very well known auction site in the near future.


Am sooo disappointed.. bought this for my own use (print labels/flyers for my micro-business) on the basis of having seen an 8500 in full working action in an acquaintance's business.. although he did warn me that when they go bad they go REALLY bad!


I can strip and rebuild PCs and laptops.... but I will NEVER buy or recommend a 'Dell' product for pretty much the same reasons... soon as they start playing up... save yourself the time and effort and throw it in the bin.


Lesson learned the hard way.....

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8570 - 2nd page always jams

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Hi all (I'm a noob),

Purchased a used 8570DN from a home-user.. only 1,021 on the clock and still with start-up ink.

Previous owner had crashed it through incorrect shutdown.... error 91,721

Managed to sort this using service manual (it took some time and stress-related sweat.. am not a 'tech'.. but I had mechano and lego as a kid!)


After finally resolving the tilt-head motor issues... I can get it to print... however.. it will print 1st page fine and the 2nd page jams... repeatedly. Is giving error code 89,121.

Have tried various stock paper (I'm not a printer.. just everyday A4 you get for home use)... have just purchased Xerox brand 'Business' paper 80gsm.... same result.

Have changed settings to A4 default... still jamming.


Any help much appreciated...


Thanks in advance...



PS. Haven't even connected to a PC yet.... the jamming is occurring on the built-in diagnostic printouts.. :-/