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8860 mfp offline

got the 8860 mfp delivered few days ago. Can't get it to go online. We've tried reinstalling both the PCL & post script drivers. We can ping the printer and access the centreware IS, but can't print at all. Called xerox, was told to "drain" the printer by turning it off, removing both the power and network cable, then turning it on and after it's ready, plugging in the network cable. That did not work at all.


Any ideas what else we can try?

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Re: 8860 mfp offline

you need a new firmware, call xerox to obtain it :



Escalation # - resolved in Release 4.2.10 Issue
OPBU00243321 Corrects the 'dropping off the network' issue on the
8560MFP. Symptoms are can't print, CWIS unresponsive,
can't successfully PING the Ethernet interface

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