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A single PC is not sending the queue to the Xerox 7835

Hi, we have a LAN set up and other PCs work but a single one.
When I click "print" on this PC the Xerox 7835 won't print any file. The queue remains kinda stucked on this PC and it doensn't reach the Printer queue. The status field is blank. No error messages. I tried to restart the Spool service but It doesn't work. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

NOTE: this issue popped out in a matter of seconds, there was no apparent black outs. My co-worker said to me she just "canceled an element from the printer queue" and then it stopped.

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Re: A single PC is not sending the queue to the Xerox 7835

If Windows 10, make sure it didn't convert the port to WSD, it will inevitably fail if this happens, if it did, convert it back to Standard TCP/IP.


If it is Standard TCP/IP port already, disable SNMP on it (Basically, match my highlights exactly)




Failing those 2, reinstall and use the Xerox GPD PS, and make sure you create the port and don't choose the printer from the list in Windows.


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Joe Arseneau
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