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duggan59 New Member
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ALTALINK C8055 - Configuration / Black and White

I have new XEROX Altalink C8055 network thru TCP/IP connectivity. I have several WINDOWS 10 workstation connected to the Copier and all have already been installed with the PCL6 driver. My problem is that now the setup has been competed, they now want the copier to default to B/W print jobs, but still have the options to print color by manipulating the local Printer Preferences.


So, my question is, can the XEROX, thru Admin control, be changed to default to B/W. change the default on each workstaion without having me physically change the local Preference?

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: ALTALINK C8055 - Configuration / Black and White

You can't 100% force a local installed driver to do anything without being local. There are things that can be done, none are guaranteed or simple.


You can simply set the default in EWS to be BW, but it only works in some drivers (typically the native, not Xerox Global, driver, ) and only if BiDi is up and running properly.




You can enable XSA (Xerox Standard Accounting) and make all jobs sent with no accounting code print in BW, then a user would need to type in a code to get the color feature to work, or it will just print BW and ignore the color, should work in any driver using any method, but it is an odd workflow.


Simplest method would be a print server, not a $2500 dollar behemoth, just a single office PC sharing a driver to everyone, most people can source an old Windows 7 PC out of a storage room for such a purpose, it doesn't even need a KB/Monitor or mouse, just use Windows remote desktop on the odd occasion you need to actually log into it.

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duggan59 New Member
New Member

Re: ALTALINK C8055 - Configuration / Black and White

Thank You, Joe. It looks like I am NOT using the Native drivers. I made a similar change to the ALTALING, but seems to be uneffective. So, I only have about a dozen stations that needed to change, I Remoted into each and simply created a 2 nd queue for the users. Cahnge the DEFAULTS so, now the default to B&W and have the option to use 2nd queue for color...if needed.


Thank You again,



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