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Accxes Client Tools on Different Subnet than 721p

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Does Xerox Accxes Client Tools work when it is installed on a computer that is on a different subnet than the printer itself. Our scenario is as follows the computer has an IP address of and our 721p has an IP address of The computer is able to print from Adobe Acrobat and other applications just fine and is able to access the WebPMT tools by going to Internet Explorer and typing in the address bar. The only issue is with the Xerox Accxes Tools program, we receive an error “Software caused connection abort: socket write error”. I’m quite confident that our networking static routes are all configured correctly to allow communication through the different subnets as I am able to print to the 721p from other applicaitons.I was told before the Accxes Tools is just an interface for ftp, I tested ftp from the computer to the 721p and was able to connect. If I put the computer on the same subnet as the 721p (192.168.0), Xerox Accxes Tools works just fine. It seems as if Xerox Accxes Client Tools is not able to work with a printer on a different subnet, can anyone tell me otherwise?


Have tried Xerox Accxes Client Tools 12.01.41 Windows XP Machine

Xerox Accxes Client Tools 14.01.12 Windows XP Machine

Xerox 721p Controller Version 12.7 build 114

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