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Re: Activation code - Xereox Phaser 3610

Thank you very much for your answer.

I do not have any plans. Do you know the support phone in Spain?

Thank you.


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Re: Activation code - Xereox Phaser 3610

Hello josegovia.

Thank you for using the forum.


This is a supplies plan activation code which is custom-generated by EHS prior to printer activation for customers with a metered unit.

If you are on a metered plan, your sales agency would need to come and configure your metered system. If you aren't supposed to have a metered device you would need to contact service so they can convert it.


We recommend that you contact support to discuss what you have or do not have and next steps.

Customer Support - 1-800-835-6100.

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Activation code - Xereox Phaser 3610

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Two days ago I bought a Xereox Phaser 3610 printer and I can not install it.


The operating system is Windows 10 and I am connecting the printer via USB.


The main problem I have is that in the printer screen there is a message that says:


"Metered toner. Activation"


If I access to the ACTIVATION menu, the printer requests a 4-digit code and I do not know what is that code.


Does anyone know what code I have to put? Where can I find the code?


On the other hand, Windows 10 does not detect the printer connected by USB and the printer does not detect the detection application on the installation CD, so I can not install the driver either.


Thanks for the help.


Best regards

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