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Re: Address Book woes - Xerox 7845

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that did it for me joe!


thanks for the great detail!

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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Address Book woes - Xerox 7845

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First is a known glitch and it happens with every single firmware release. Luckily it is easily resolved.


look to the dropdown on the far right.

Use it to Export the address book and save it to your desktop (Don’t check the “Legacy mode” option)

Then use it to Delete All

Then use it to Import from file from your desktop (Choose option 2 if prompted)

It will now allow you to populate the new user(s)


There is a bug that causes the issue, it has affected every firmware level and this is the only known workaround, luckily it works in every case and is simple to do. The machine does not need to be reloaded or rebooted, just 3 steps that take under 2 minutes.



2nd question leads to the same area, same dropdown, pick it and turn the option on.








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Joe Arseneau
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Frequent Member

Address Book woes - Xerox 7845

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I cannot add any new device address book entries via the web portal on our WorkCentre 7845.

I get the following message, even though the display name does NOT already exist!  Help!



Next question:  Is there a way that the user can add themselves to the machine by somehow sending an email to the machine?  I swear I heard that was possible!  Is it?  Thanks!