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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Airprinting software for non-airprint enabled machines?

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Airprint is a series of protocols, not really a software. Xerox does not make an application to make non-airprint enabled machines work via Airprint.


Xerox does make Xerox Mobile Print, but that is an entirely different method of printing from mobile.


It would be much more likely for Xerox to make an application that worked in conjunction with Mopria, since Xerox is partnered with them and it is essentially tyhe same thing as Airprint, just not owned and marketed by Apple.


As far as I know, there is no intention to develop such a software for either protocol by Xerox. There are as you mentioned many 3rd party applications that do so, such as Airprint Activator and Printopia.

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Joe Arseneau
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New Member

Airprinting software for non-airprint enabled machines?

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   I was asked by my supervisor to find information on an 'Airprint software for machines [that are not airprint enabled by default] that we can install onto a site's computer'. It sounds like something that can be done (just a handler on the network to intercept airprint requests and send it to the xerox setup on the host's computer) but when I search for anything I just wind up with results for devices that have Airprint as a feature already.


   I've found other, 3rd party, software that can handle this type of request but he seemed adament that there was a xerox specific solution.


Any pointers would be great, even recommendations for 3rd party software if you use one!

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