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Dgreene92 New Member
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Ajusting color curve on job

Im trying to adjust the color curve on a job. im using the newest fiery with the efi es 2000 and Im trying to match 287 and it keeps coming out purple. Also every time i open image enhance visual editor it crashes. Tech support was no help, not a big fan of this new software 

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Ajusting color curve on job

When you spoke to support to you give relevant information like what version of CWS (5 or 6), what the file is ( etc) how it was submitted (App through driver, Hotfolder, drag and drop in CWS etc etc) What color profile you are modifying, what color is embedded vs what is printing, what actual color you are trying to hit (287 isn't a color, its a number, Pantone Matt 287 is a blueish color, and DIC287 is very not blue)






And what printer is it? Which Fiery? Is the Fiery patched to the latest via updates? What firmware on the printer?

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