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Re: Alignment for Foil Printing - Laminated stock

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Hi there ,

We have just purchased a c8000 to help expand our heat cooled business . But we have tried all settings and various foils and cannot get the foil to stick consistently to the toner .
We have a Caslon ft 10 to laminate and tried various heat and speed settings .

If anyone has any idea on settings for a similar set up that would be very helpful.
We print exactly the same images on our black hp printer which is (£150 ) and they foil spot on every time so the file is no issue or the foil.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Valued Contributor

Re: Alignment for Foil Printing - Laminated stock

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Hi John 

Honestly this is could be something which i did not test befor and i believe it depend on the thickness of the paper added to the thickness of the lamination layer also the media type .

** try to reduce the fuser tempreture to avoid any damage for the fuser from the lamination material since im not sure if these kind of jobs the printer will support for a large jobs which will run continuously!

** we should understand that there is  +/-1.0 mm  registration tolerance on the V180 .


Tips could be helpful To you 

1- you can create a Manual Alignment Adjustment for 1 one side only and apply this profile to the media when you insert it again in the tray . this adjustment will contain the X &Y position ,skew, perpendicularity you will determine the amount of mm needed for examble 3mm skew to the right ...

2- load the paper in the same tray which you print from in the first time 

3- use the image shift option under the finishing tab from the printing properties on the DFE  to shift the image up/down and right/left " this is will not fix the skew "

4- clean the CIS sensor .


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Regards !

Alignment for Foil Printing - Laminated stock

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Product Name: Xerox Versant 180 Press
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Good morning everyone,

I work at a small print shop and we're looking into foil printing with metallic foils. The procces is fairly simple. We print out a CMYK image, we then seal the layer off with a soft-touch laminate. We overprint in black the parts of our design that we want to be finished with foil. Finally, we laminate it with metallic foil, it only sticks to the toner.

The issue we're facing is getting the second layer (black overprint for foil) to allign with the first layer. When we print on laminated stock, the image just moves all across the sheet randomly (1-3mm in different directions, skewed).

Seems like digital foil printing is pretty common but I'm struggling to find any helpful information.

Also, when we print on laminated stock, it comes out full of static.

Any tips?

Thank you!


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