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Re: Altalink Booklet

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Hi JoeDaft,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. It sounds like an issue with the file.  I would suggest trying the PDF route and printing with the print as image option enabled in Adobe.  If this works then it could be something in the file itself.  If you have the same problem from the PDF then printing from PCL may be your best option.  Please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Altalink Booklet

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Hi guys.

I am very familiar with xerox machines and have a peculiar issue. I have an IDD file and I also have the same file as a PDF. It is a 40-page file which is not imposed.

I want to print the document as an A5 booklet with zero gutter.

The file is getting to the machine and printing one duplex sheet, folded, with the front image and the rest are blank.

The same file in PCL prints perfectly well although the gutter isn’t as easy to reduce in PCL so my preference is PS3.

We have the latest firmware and driver versions as without going in to too much detail, we have access to these things.

I have selected all the correct settings and scaling options but it seems something weird is being picked up to the machine that it doesn’t like. Such as a funny font? I want to print direct from InDesign and not have to create and open a PDF first. Highly frustrating.

Any help welcome

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