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Re: Altalink C8055 Not printing Teal Color

hi @khsajidali, one of the issues that you are probably running into is that computer monitors display color in RGB and printer print in CMYK. As a result, you won't get the same color output. 

Many graphics programs allow for printing color swatches on the printer. Then you pick the color you want and enter the values based on the printers color gamut. 

In the print dirver you should have some color options to help. The text below was copied out of the C8055 user manual. 


Color Corrections and Color Adjustments
For best printing results of mixed text, graphics, and images on a range of supported paper, set the
Color Correction to Xerox Automatic Color. For instructions on setting the Color Correction, refer to
Image Options. Follow these guidelines to control the Color Corrections and Color Adjustments:
• For best results on most paper, ensure that the Color Correction in the print driver is set to Xerox
Automatic Color. This is the recommended setting.
• To produce more vivid results, select a mode of Color Correction. For example, when printing
graphics in which the sky does not look blue enough, for a more vibrant blue sky, select Vivid
• To match the color output to another output device, select a custom Color Correction.
• To apply different Color Corrections to Text and Graphics and Images, select Custom Automatic
Color. This feature provides custom color corrections using color systems such as RGB Color, CMYK
Color, Spot Color, or CIE Color.
• To adjust particular characteristics of the printed color, such as Lightness, Contrast, Saturation,
and Color Casts, select Color Adjustments.

Altalink C8055 Not printing Teal Color

Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I am trying to print Teal color on xerox Altalink C8055 , WC7232  but its not printing the same color below are the color detail, i have tried the different drivers (PCL6 , PS) and different printing techniques( RGB Print, LCD . but not getting the same color.

Color Name:-                                                     Teal

HEX Value:-                                                        008080

RGB DECIMAL Value:-                                     0, 128, 128

ALtalink C8055 Firmware version:-


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