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Re: Anybody on a Mac have a 550/560 printer?! I need your help!

not 1 reply? Nothing from Xerox to help with support either? This is getting very aggrevating!

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Anybody on a Mac have a 550/560 printer?! I need your help!

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How are you guys printing 12"x18" 247gsm card stock to the bypass tray? It has been a solid week now and Iam still not happy with how xerox support left me and my team.

Bottom line is we had a 242 machine. We "upgraded" to the 550 and it can't do what the 242 machine did as far as keeping things simple to print.

Xerox's solution for me to print requires going into several drop down menus which is wasting time and productivity to where we did not have to do this with our 242 machine.

All I want is to be able to print 12"x18" out of Adobe Illustrator to the bypass tray and have it recognize it. The printer is fighting it cause it is basically interpretting Illustrator saying your printing 12x18 "paper" to the bypass tray please load 12x18 "paper" in the tray. The printer I don't need to be this specific and picky. I just want it to know 12"x18" is 247gsm card stock by default and therefore any 12"x18" job is to be printed to the bypass tray as 247 gsm card stock. How do I setup the bypass tray in the printer to recognize it as 12"x18" 247 gsm card stock? I want that no matter what program I am working from within if I choose "bypass tray and 12x18" it is going to print from there and not have the printer tell me to "load the proper weight paper" or choose a different tray.


If the older 242 model could do this I can't understand why the 550/560 can't?

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