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Re: Armhf or source version of Linux drivers for VersaLink C8000W

Hello peteward, 

I see no one has responded to this post yet. So, at this point I would recommend contacting your local Xerox Support Department to speak with a Software Specialist for more assistance. Please call 1-800-821-2797

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Armhf or source version of Linux drivers for VersaLink C8000W

Product Name: VersaLink C8000W Color Printer
Operating System: Linux


We've been trying to print PDFs to a Versalink C8000 from Linux using CUPS.

We installed the Generic PPD file from your website, because there was no precompiled version available for the armhf chipset used by raspberry Pis which we are running from. 

We get problems trying to print larger PDFs (over 100kb). The printer just seems to ignore the job with an error message. Smaller PDFs, JPGs and PNGs all print fine.

We downloaded the .deb version for a different chipset to compare the PPD file and saw that this one includes references to cups filters which are compiled as binaries. These most likely rasterise the PDF before sending it to the printer. In our experience with printers they tend to struggle when you send PDFs directly so this is no surprise and would no doubt work if it was for our platform.

Is it possible to get either:

* An armhf compiled version of the files for this driver
* access to the source for these drivers so that we could compile them ourselves for the appropriate platform.



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