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Re: Bad printing on C600

I used the test print and found out that the problem comes from the fuser (82.4mm distance between the ghost images). Now, what should I do about it? It has only 12000 pages printed, but should normally be replaced only after 100000 (I think...)

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Bad printing on C600

Product Name: VersaLink C600 Printer
Operating System: Windows 10


The printer is Versalink C600, 3.5 years old, total impression is about 12000. During the last two years, it began printing bad images. Usually it prints few good ones, then prints with smears and smudges. Also, the colors gets distorted, they become more dense (darker). If it is just few pages, in most cases it is OK, more than 5 usually creates problems. Does anybody know the remedy?

Thank you.

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